Limited Partner Interests




Price Quotes

SP works quickly to generate a firm cash offer for limited partner rights and typically will do so within 24 hours of obtaining certain information from the limited partner’s recent K-1 so that we can confirm the current ownership percentage and account for recent performance and distributions, if any, in our offer.

If you would like to obtain a quote for your limited partner interest, please either:

1. Contact Gil Seton Jr. at 310-576-7272, and/or

2. Send a recent K-1 and/or financial report for your limited partnership by email to, or by facsimile to 310-861-1672. Please feel free to black out or remove your social security number on any K-1 you transmit to us.

We will get back to you regarding your partnership interest once we have completed a thorough evaluation. You will have ample time to consider our offer and to consult with your advisors. If you do decide to accept our offer, we will Federal Express you a check for the full amount of the price along with purchase documents for your signature.

We are happy to speak with you or directly with your advisor to answer any questions you and/or your advisor might have about our purchase process.