Limited Partner Interests




Reasons SP Buys

SP is interested in buying rights with respect to these types of interests for a variety of reasons, including that it has a number of advantages that a typical limited partnership investor may not have, such as:

1. Tax Circumstances- We have affiliates that can shelter "phantom income". Sheltering the phantom income can mean that the risks and returns of holding the interest are dramatically different than they are for an investor paying "phantom income taxes".

2. Economies of Scale- Our specialization gives us the ability to achieve a number of economies with respect to these types of investments.

3. No Current Yield Requirements- Whereas some investors may prefer to have investments that generate current and/or predictable annual cash flow or dividends, SP has no such preference.

4. Long Investment Horizon- We have a long investment horizon that enables us to accept little or no liquidity or distributions for a considerable period of time.